Smart Packing Tips for Your Next Vacation

Are you the type who takes more time packing than planning the whole trip? Then you really need to read this article. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a one-day trip or a week-long vacation, you get carried away only by the thought of where you gonna be the next day, and you pack and pack… until you figure “ups, I did it again!”

While a trip is perceived as the epitome of a fun time, it can turn stressful if you fail to pack any important stuff. The stress of not finding something in your backpack and the hassle of looking for it everywhere is enough to kill anyone’s mood. You have taken off time to make nice memories, and stressing over something you forgot to pack is no one’s idea of fun.

That’s why it is pivotal to pack smart for a trip. It saves your time and adds up to the overall experience. On that note, let us bring you our top smart packing tips to ensure you enjoy your next vacation:

Make Sure You Have a Fun Trip with These Smart Packing Tips

Commence the Preparation with Essentials

The excitement before a trip can cloud your judgment, and you can end up forgetting to pack even essentials. It can be your favorite shirt, sunscreen, or medication; the list will never end. To pack smart, you must start with listing down all the essential items you have to take with you. In most cases, these items are suitable clothing, devices, personal hygiene items, and medication. Prepare all these items and see if there is space left for stuff like additional attire, travel pillows or your favorite books.

Spend Some Time on Your Bag Choice

Most people make the mistake of choosing their old bags merely because they can. Even if your old suitcase is functional, ask if it is viable for the trip? Does it possess the space, or will it suit the location? If not, go shopping and find a suitable bag for your trip. Carrying multiple bags is a hurdle regardless of how you are traveling. In a public transport or a car, they take up excessive space while on a plane, they increase your baggage fee.

Get a Crossbody Bag for the Little Things

Don’t make the common mistake of keeping your documents and money on you. A simple mess up can prove to be really costly and a guarantee vacation ruiner. Take a handbag or a crossbody bag to keep important stuff like money, passport, medication and charger.

Carry a Pair of Clothes in the Carry-On

This one is a life-saver if you plan to travel via air. You must have heard or even experienced instances of airlines misplacing the luggage. If you can’t afford travel insurance, at least carry an extra change of clothes in your carry-on. You don’t want to go shopping in the middle of the night because your baggage is misplaced.

Only Carry Shoes You will need

At max, carry three pairs of shoes – walking shoes, flip flops, and hiking/sports shoes. If needed, you can even cut down on hiking shoes, and at all costs, avoid packing heels. Instead, you can carry fancy ballerinas or sandals.

Enjoy Extra Space by Stuffing Your Shoes

You can save some space or instead harbor some more space by stuffing your shoes. Items like undergarments and socks can be kept in your shoes, especially hiking/sports shoes.

Be Smart about Your Attire Decisions

A simple trick to save space in your luggage is to roll your clothing and not fold them. The second tip is to pack only what you will wear on the trip. Let us be honest, we all pack that extra shirt, that jacket, we just might wear after reaching the destination. But in most cases (admit it), we do not even consider taking it out.

Here is a general rule you can follow to save space and time:

With just three bottoms and three tops, you can enjoy nine different looks on your trip. Take out your three best tops (t-shirts, shirts, tanks, jackets) that go with every bottom (jeans/shorts/trousers.) Now put 2+2 together, and voila, you have unlocked the ultimate attire hack.

Bonus Tip: If you are super low on space, you can reduce one bottom and add one top. Tops, in general, dominate your look, allowing you to save some space yet again. Additionally, try to either repeat or wash your attire rather than carrying extra clothes.

Cut Back on Toiletries

We understand you want to keep the hassles as minimum as possible, but stuffing your bag with toiletries is not the answer to that. Carrying items like lotions, shampoos, and creams for a week-short trip is not sound at all.

The majority of the hotels have pretty much everything you need, and if you don’t like what they have just go to a local store and get your favorite shampoo after reaching the destination. Plus, think about if the bottles break in the bag, ruining your clothes, and ultimately the trip. That’s another guaranteed disaster!

Try Out Multi-Purpose Clothing and Accessories

Multi-purpose clothes and accessories are revolutionary for travelers. For instance, a dynamic scarf can act as a sarong for beaches, a make-shift towel, or an accessory to change your look. Another example can make a well with a detachable sling. It can serve as a regular wallet while attaching the sling can turn it into a, guess what, a sling bag to go out on walks in the evening.

Try These Makeup Packing Tips

While there might be occasions when you want to dress up, the chances of you using the entire makeup kit are relatively low. Here is a brief list of what you should carry:

·         Two lipsticks (one shade for the day and the other for the night.)

·         Use lipsticks as blush and even eyeshadow if the color allows.

·         Carry Kohl/Kajal instead of eyeliners.

·         Take out some of your foundation or BB cream in a small box/jar.

·         Consider using cream or oil as a highlighter.

Remember to Check Weight Limits

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first time on a plane or 100th; it’s easy to forget about weight limits at times. Every airline has its specific guidelines regarding the bag weights and sizes, both in the cargo holds and the cabin. So make sure to check the rules to avoid discomfort and extra charges at the airport. Packing light is universal advice as it eliminates the weight limit issue and saves space for souvenirs you might wanna buy on your way back home.

Hair Dryer? No Thanks

If your trip is shorter than a week, leave your hairdryer at home. Every single hotel has a hair dryer. (Ok, almost every single hotel.)

Invest in Packing Cubes

Ever heard of packing cubes? They are short bags, ideal for longer trips. Imagine the hassle of unpacking your entire bag every time you need to get something. Disastrous, right? This is where packing cubes chime in, as you can categorize them according to the stuff they are carrying. Now you know which bag to open instead of repeating the whole packing-unpacking ordeal.

Spare Space? Carry These Items

In case you have some space you can utilize, try carrying items like a thread and needle, strings, duct tape, and even cable ties. They can come in handy in situations you can never imagine.

Wrapping Up: Smart Packing Equals Comfortable Travelling

Everybody loves vacations and trips, but there is hardly anybody who likes packing. While you might not like it, it can make or break your entire plan. That is why it is pivotal to spend some time and effort to ensure your packing is done impeccably.

Smart packing can reduce your labor and help you enjoy your trip without thinking about unnecessary stuff. Anyone can avail the aforementioned tips to make their travel much smoother and comfortable. Simply implement them the next time you pack, and see how well it pays off.