Creamy Miso Mushroom Pasta

By Chef Richard Ignatius Wijaya


  • 100 gr Spaghetti no.7
  • 30 gr Butter
  • 200 gr Mixed rough sliced mushrooms, for this recipe I’m using Shitake, Shimeji and Oyster Mushroom
  • 3 cloves Thinly diced garlic 
  • 20 gr Shiro miso paste
  • 5 gr Finely sliced chives
  • 40 gr Grated parmesan, plus extra to serve
  • Salt & Black Pepper for seasoning


Step 1

Bring a pot of water to the boil and season generously with salt and a touch of oil. Add your pasta and allow to cook until al dente while you get started on the mushrooms.

Step 2

Heat butter in a frying pan over medium-high heat. Add the mushrooms and garlic. Let the mushrooms brown without tossing them for a couple of minutes. Then toss and coat with the butter for another couple of minutes or until starting to turn golden. 

Step 3

Mix the miso paste and 80gr of the pasta cooking water. Swirl around until the miso dissolves. When your pasta is cooked, add drained pasta to the pan of mushrooms and swirl and toss until the sauce has thickened. Add parmesan and seasoning then toss.

About Chef Richard Ignatius Wijaya:

With a passion for Japanese-influenced cuisine and sustainable dining, Richard has spent the last few years perfecting his craft working across well-known establishments in Sydney, Australia. Known as Chef Richi, he is now the Sous Chef at Choji Yakiniku Chatswood. Richard has previously worked at Bennelong, Cuckoo Callay and Dopa by Devon among a few others.

Learn more about Richard and his culinary journey on his Instagram at @chefrichii  For any inquiries, contact