5 Destinations in Switzerland to Visit This Spring

Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is a wonderful destination all year round. Famous for its delicious cheese, chocolate and breathtaking scenery with snow-capped mountains, the country continues to be a winter wonderland even in the spring months. A perfect blend of old, romantic European charm and modern style, Switzerland is the ideal location for a cozy getaway in the spring, when the days are a little longer. Here are 5 Switzerland destinations for a perfect spring getaway.

1. Zurich


Zurich is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Switzerland, known for being the country’s cultural and industrial hub. After a busy afternoon spent at the city’s vibrant, bustling Bahnhofstrasse shopping district – where you can browse the various high-end stores for renown Swiss watches, and indulge yourself with delectable chocolate from Bachmann’s Chocolate World – you can spend a wonderful evening engaging with the city’s rich cultural scene. The options are endless here: from an evening at the Zurich Opera House, to a night out at Cabaret Voltaire; or else, perhaps, a stroll through the Swiss National Museum’s collections of artistic and scientific artefacts, Zurich has it all. If you wanna go for a cozy evening, you can warm up and unwind with a delicious fondue in one of the many little restaurants in town.

2. Lucerne


A picturesque town in the German-speaking part of the country, Lucerne is the ideal destination for nature-lovers, artists, and historians alike. For lovers of the romantic and historic, Lucerne boasts the Chapel Bridge, a monument built in 1360 to connect the old part of town with its newer counterpart & and its beautiful Water Tower, which has served a series of purposes throughout history, from protective lookout post to town prison. The town’s KKL (Culture and Convention Centre) is the place to go for those interested in the arts – housing a magnificent concert hall with extraordinary acoustics, alongside the contemporary art museum known as the Kunstmuseum. No matter what your interests are, you wouldn’t want to miss a trip to the regional Mount Pilatus – where you can cuddle up with a loved one, take breathtaking pictures, or else sit back and bask in the tranquil scenery and snow.

3. Lake Geneva


With lots of fascinating sites, the Lake Geneva region is the ideal destination for sightseeing. The famous Geneva Fountain, known as the Jet D’Eau (literally “water-jet”), one of the tallest fountains in the world – makes for an enjoyable experience for families, couples, or solo travelers alike. Lake Geneva’s ice castles provide another fun, and simultaneously breathtaking opportunity – showcasing a maze of icy sculptures that illuminate at night to make for an enchanting experience. The town of Vevey, near the shore of Lake Geneva, is a lovely destination for families especially – its hands-on chocolate workshop at Läderach enables you to customize your own bar and choose your own toppings, providing you with not only a taste of Switzerland’s globally renowned chocolate but even a heavenly (albeit temporary) souvenir to take home.

4. St. Moritz

St. Moritz was the birthplace of Alpine winter tourism (1864) and has hosted twice the Winter Olympics? This incredible resort town unites the luxury and excitement of Zurich with the Alpine beauty and range of activities offered by Lake Geneva. The city offers top-class restaurants and luxurious hotels. It is also known for relaxing spas, such as theOvaverva Pool, Spa & Sports Centre, (momentarily closed due to covid-19), where you can enjoy a soothing massage and dive into a spacious outdoor pool with the Alps’ gorgeous view. When in St. Moritz, you must see the famous Piz Nair, accessible by cable car, and take in the breathtaking sunset views. Also take a tour with the Bernina Express (that runs from St. Moritz to Tirano in half-hour), and enjoy the majestic views of the Lago Bianco, the Palü Glacier, and the Val Poschiavo.

5. Zermatt

mountain town

If you’re exhausted from the chaotic bustle of everyday life, Zermatt offers an escape from the busy, fast-paced world and a pathway into the serene, tranquil, and peaceful. Most of it is a car-free zone. The few vehicles in town are battery driven, making little to no noise. What a blessing, right? It does, however, mean that you’ll be walking on foot most of the time.

Zermatt offers incredible views from its 1,600 m elevation, including the world’s most famous and photographed mountain, the Matterhorn, which inspired the triangular shape and logo for Toblerone. Its main street, Bahnhofstrasse is lined with boutique shops, hotels and restaurants, and also has a lively après-ski scene. Zermatt is home to some of the nicest hotels and spas in the world . When you’re in the area you must stay at the beautiful family-run Hotel Sonne Zermatt, and try the outdoor jacuzzi. Or at least go for dinner and drinks.

So, whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, a romantic trip, a thrill-seeking adventure surrounded by magnificent views, or even just a quiet, peaceful place to sit – Switzerland has something for everyone.